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Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
. this is very much a global headline with nelson mandela. mano question, this is a who has jacob zuma, the president of south africa, said the founder of the democratic republic of south africa. it was nelson mandela who created that democracy. that is the miracle that astonished the world and made him such a world figure. he was well known while he was in prison, but when he came out of prison, there was a great question about what would happen. would there be a terrible bloodbath, with they get through the passage to democracy with apartheid? it was because of nelson mandela and his character that they did. the world recognized a peacemaker, and he developed a moral stature in the world that helped him bring south africa into the world community, help them reintegrate into the world terrible it aow role in various hot spots the world. he was very close to president bill clinton. frankly, he could not stand the policies of president george w. bush, which he saw as imperialistic. that was a bit of a public- relations problem for the bush white house. the election of barack obama, the
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
nation. tonight, we are learning a state funeral will be held december 15 for nelson mandela who died last night at the age of 95 setting off a global day of mourning while celebrating his life. mast outsidet half of the african embassy at the base of the recently dedicated statute to nelson mandela, flowers and attribute has grown in the last 24 hours since his death. he was a great man. >> inside the embassy, a steady stream of visitors. was born twoe years after mandela was freed. >> he was an inspiration. >> steps away from the condolence book is south african ambassador to the u.s. summing up what this passing has meant. >> this has been a tornadic 24 hours for south africans and for people across the world. >> his impact on the world was on display at the museum. newspapers all with him on the cover. in south africa, crowds gathered to celebrate the first black president by singing and dancing. his body was moved earlier today from johannesburg to pretoria where he will lie in state. as the 10 days of mourning began, the tributes continue to pour in. >> back here in the sta
Dec 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
the temperatures, download the abc 7 app to your smart phone. tribute to nelson mandela. people packed a stadium in johannesburg to remember and honor the life of nelson mandela , as well as his legacy. there was singing and dancing. leon harris was there. >> good evening. we are coming live here from outside of the nelson mandela .enter here a handful of blocks away from where he spent his last days on earth. today begun a chance to witness the memorial service in johannesburg. it was big. if you consider the event like it was a rock concert, the , heads act or presidents of state, the secretary general of the u.n., and bono of all people. the main event, it was barack obama. this celebration started before people could get through the doors. continued. and continued. this massive crowd, most had never met mandela. [indiscernible] >> a picture taken before this young man was even born. he has done so much for us. day about this was a nelson mandela and his legacy. they came with more than that on their minds. these women traveled for hours in the dirt for a once and a lifetime
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3